This Is Too Simple for Complicated Minds

“There’s a broadcast going on; this broadcast comes from within you. There’s a song singing in you. There is something within you that wants to express. There is something within you that wants to come forward. You are anointed and appointed by the Spirit in the image and  likeness of Divine and only Reality.”

-          Michael Bernard Beckwith


When I was six years old, I was on the playground at recess with another kid after everyone else had gone back into the school. He was bigger than me and he pushed me down and stood over me, daring me to get up. I clearly remember feeling scared for about five seconds and stayed down because of this fear. He eventually left and afterwards I remember labeling myself a coward because I was afraid and stayed down. At the time I didn’t realize that I was simply a little kid who had never been in this situation before and I handled it the best I could. I labeled myself a coward and at the time I thought this “shameful” label was my identity forever and ever amen, and I carried this label with me into my future after that moment.

In reaction to this and other experiences, I became more emotionally isolated and withdrew from people because I didn’t want them to find out I was afraid and a coward. I got into a few fights as a young teenager to prove (to myself) that I wasn’t a coward, but still the label stuck to me until in my twenties I remembered the experience and my negative self-judgments and realized those judgments were just wrong and that the negative self-image I carried out of this experience was simply not true and was not real. Today I can even recall the moment of that kid standing over me, staring me in the eyes just daring me to get up and now I see a kid who was feeling lost and who has love inside him as well. In that moment of this kid standing over me there was just two people who wanted to love and be loved and were trying in their own misguided ways to connect with another human being. Beyond the appearance of bully and victim, persecutor and persecuted there was only love.

Every day as a therapist I have the remarkable opportunity to be with people to process the depths of their life issues and open to a greater experience of love for themselves and for their loved ones in a deeper and greater way. People often ask me, “How can you do this all day long with everyone pouring out their suffering and pain in your office?” My answer is that it is so easy, because what I am primarily present to is the greatness of this human being in front of me. I am so present to the depth of love that they feel for their family and loved ones, and whatever they are going through, all they want and all they ever wanted is to love and be loved. They just got confused a bit on how to find that love.

The more I work with people and regardless of the issues they bring into my office, I am more and more aware of the profound truth that who we are as human beings is love, plain and simple. This profound truth is just too simple for complicated minds.  We tend to see the problems and the dysfunction in ourselves and others and the world, and we lose sight of the simple truth of love that is our nature. However, when you look beyond the labels you put on yourself, others and the world all you find is people who want to love and be loved. While people may often be misguided on how to find that love, it doesn’t change their nature.

Despite any appearances, there is nothing but love. Everything else is all smoke and mirrors. This doesn’t mean to ignore the problems of the world, or be blind to your difficulties and struggles in life. It is important to be practical and realistic about whatever problems you face, but rather it’s even more important to ground your awareness on the fundamental reality of love that is the foundation of our connection with all life. Regardless of appearances, we are all simply different aspects of the One, experiencing itself from different points of view.

Don’t just take my word for any of this. Look deeply within yourself and you will find this love; this broadcast of the Divine Source welling up from the depths of your Soul and when you feel this love within you, you will be more able to see past the external appearances to the reality of love everywhere around you. This truth is the song singing within you that wants to express itself through your life in and as you. This truth is waiting for you to allow it to be manifest in the world. Simply tune into the reality of love that is your essential nature and the Universe will provide you with a never ending flow of opportunities to express this love with many people in an endless variety of ways, but you have to be open and available to this Divine song vibrating within you at this very moment.

Your life is an expression of this love whenever you choose to see it, live it and know it. What will you do today right now in this moment to manifest this Divine Song into your world? Don’t wait on this; your life is too important.  


Steven Fisher