Letting Go is the Doorway to Freedom

         Your specific patterns of thinking, self image and beliefs about others and the world create your paradigm. This paradigm profoundly influences your life drama and the repeating cycles of conflict in your life, and in essence, locks you into a prison of the mind. You created the prison, you are the inmate, you are the jailer, and you have the key.   

        By carefully examining these patterns and by withdrawing your belief in the limitations of your current paradigm, you can become emotionally, mentally and spiritually free. Instead of reacting to the ghosts of your past, you can become fully responsive to the present moment. This creates a new level of clarity and effectiveness in your daily life. In this paradigm, your goals become achievable and the life you have always wanted becomes real.   

        This course is not about learning anything new. It is a process to unlearn the fears and judgments that keep you imprisoned in your limiting beliefs and bound in your habitual patterns of conflict. This process is about discovering your unlimited potential and uncovering the greatness of the essential Being that already exists inside you.

        To discover your best Self, you must first shed the layers of fears that limit your awareness and steal your happiness. By releasing your negative self-images and letting go of your harmful judgments of others, you can discover the perfection of the essential Self that is at the core of who you are. This process of letting go helps you to become free of any ideas or self concepts that keep you locked in rigid ways of being and keep you stuck in patterns of shame or conflict that do not serve yourself and those around you.


The Fundamental Shift in Perception

Self-image is self created and changeable. Self-image profoundly affects your behavior, emotions and perceptions. Unresolved fears create a disempowering self-image and this creates repeating cycles of conflict. Changing your basic self-image shifts everything else.

Blaming ourselves or others keeps us stuck in old patterns of conflict.

Forgiveness is letting go of emotional/evaluative judgments or beliefs in your perceptions of yourself, others or situations. We made up these perceptions and beliefs in the first place. Forgiveness is fundamentally a healing shift that occurs in your interpretations and in your perception about yourself, or any given person, or any situation.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness. Our unhappiness about any given situation indicates an area of our lives where we have judgment, blame or criticism of ourselves, others, or the world. Forgiveness removes the blame and aligns us with our best self.

Letting go of fear, anger or other negative emotions allows the healing shift in perception that Forgiveness offers. This creates freedom in any area of your life where you have been stuck.  

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