Choose Your Ground of Being

Your Ground of Being is the gestalt of the fundamental beliefs of your governing thought system in your psyche at any given moment. Your Ground of Being does tend to be consistent over time but it does change as you change your focus in any given situation and when you change your overall perspective in life. Your ground of being determines your level happiness at any time, it controls your effectiveness in life situations, it governs your cycles of conflict through the day and through the week and it determines what is possible in your life. Your history, your core fears and your current beliefs about yourself, others and the world has a dramatic impact on your thoughts, feelings and perspective in any given moment. However, your choices of what you focus on in the current moment also impacts your Ground of Being and your possibilities now and in your future.

Most of us simply let our core fears and our beliefs based on our past experiences define our Ground of Being and consequently we can become locked into the repeating cycles of conflict from our past. We continually repeat our patterns of conflict with others in our lives and we unconsciously pick others who will participate with us in repeating our habitual Cycles of conflict. 

You have another choice. You can choose your Ground of Being in any given moment or day of your life and you can hold to your choice in the face of your core fears and influences from your past. You can Self-Reflect and become aware of the fears dominating your thoughts at any moment and free your mind from your fears so you can refocus on your commitment and on your best Self at any moment. This helps your become more responsive to the needs of the present situation and more effective in dealing with your current challenges rather than getting caught in the life draining fears and patterns from your past. 

When you consistently practice this skill over time it puts you ion the drivers seat of determining your own possibilities in your life. You can either give into the influences of your past fears, or you can commit to being who you want to be in the face of your life challenges and hold onto this commitment when the going gets tough. When you do this, it alters your consciousness and directs your development in the direction of achieving your goals and more consistently finding peace in the present moment and positive resolution of your current life challenges. This skill takes practice, especially when situations don't work out the way we planned or when the people in our lives don't act like we want them to act.   

It helps to clearly define the Ground of Being of who you want to be. Basically, it is defining and choosing your current understanding of your best self. You may have heard the old saying, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." This is choosing who you want to be in life instead of letting life situations define you. This practice helps you determine the possibilities and the results and outcomes of your life situations instead of allowing external forces determine the outcomes of your life situations for you. To do this, start with creating your mission statement of your best self.

Exercise: Creating and living by Your Mission Statement

  1. Write down the qualities, gifts and perspectives of your understanding of your best self. Work with it until you are satisfied that your mission statement accurately describes your best Self. 
  2. Read your mission statement every day in the morning when you first wake up and remind yourself through the day of your mission statement when life challenges arise. 
  3. based on your mission statement, make daily commitments of what you want to occur in your life and what you want to achieve. Be open to partnering with life to allow the synchronicity of daily experiences to open new possibilities in your life based on your mission statement and your daily commitments. 
  4. Review with family and friends and supportive others in your life your mission statement, your daily goals and be willing to commit to returning to living your mission when you loose your center in the face of life challenges. 
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