Enlightened Parenting/Love and Logic - Sunday May 12th

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Enlightened Parenting Workshop Logo1.jpg

Enlightened Parenting/Love and Logic - Sunday May 12th

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Parenting methods like Love and Logic work amazingly well. However it is often difficult to stay calm and use healthy parenting strategies when we get triggered and upset as a parent when our children are acting out.

This workshop will teach some of the basics of Love and Logic and will teach you how to better manage your own triggers and recognize and change your dysfunctional behaviors and conditioning as a parent so you can stay calm when your kids are acting out. Grow to become the parent you want to be by learning to recognize and and release your triggers and conditioned behavior patterns from your past so you can effectively use healthy Love and Logic parenting strategies.

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Date: Sunday May 12th Time: 1 PM— 3 PM

Where: CO-OP at 1st 5045 W 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80219

Cost: $45 per person / 65 per couple

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